Luxury Michael Jackson Sofa Guest Chairs

Luxury Michael Jackson Sofa Guest Chairs

Luxury Michael Jackson Sofa Guest Chairs

  1. Name: Michael Jackson Luxury Sofa Guest Chair
  2. Code Product : FKJ – 110
  3. Raw Material : Mahogany Wood or Teak Wood (custom)
  4. Upholstery fabric : Velvet
  5. Color : Gold / Can Match the Order

Description Michael Jackson Luxury Sofa Guest Chair

This chair is a type of classic furniture with carvings typical of Jepara, Indonesia. The basic ingredients use quality teak or mahogany wood. Strong construction because it is made for experienced carpenters. Finishing this chair is very good because the workmanship is neat, smooth, flat colour, and not easily blister.

The Price Of A Luxury Michael Jackson Sofa Chair

Judging from the shape and manufacture of it must be the customer thinks that this Michael Jackson Sofa Guest Chair is expensive, but on this occasion we offer this Michael Jackson Sofa Guest Chair at very cheap and negotiable prices. Even though the price is cheap, but in terms of quality we still prioritize, because for us customer satisfaction is the main thing that we must prioritize. For information on Furniture, Prices and How to Order You can contact us directly.

Living Room Sofa Luxury Michael Jackson Sofa Material

Guest Chairs Michael Jackson Luxury carved carved wood that has been used is in the process of dry and old. The material we use for this Michael Jackson Luxury Sofa Guest Chair is teak wood.
Guest Chair Furniture Luxury Michael Jackson Sofa Teak is manufactured using Teak Wood Hoarding Place (TPK) is a place to store wood before the wood is assembled, transported, processed or sold to the market. the best quality teak wood. Prices can go up or down according to the request of the Buyer / Buyer (Buyer).

Request Products Customize Order Your Own Furniture Designs

You can design your own Furniture or Furniture that you want? Custom-made furniture products certainly give more value, because in addition to being different, the furniture or furniture that you have seems to be exclusive.
Each customer can order according to the desired specifications. You can create your own drawing / sketch designs or drawings from magazines, books or the internet.

For Shipment: We have collaborated with various cargoes for shipping domestically and abroad. The cooperation we have established uses a guarantee during shipping. For overseas shipping we provide wooden pallet packs, so that they are safe to the destination.

Please send detailed specifications and images of the product design that you will submit
to the contact listed.

Note :
For ordering customized products, or customers who have their own designs, prices are negotiable, depending on the material and model of furniture. Price is very competitive.